Jason Walch

Jason Walch

Teaching Elder

Jason grew up in Austin, the youngest of three brothers.  Though he attended church occasionally with his family, he did not really have a strong sense of how he could relate to God or the church. At 19, he began attending church with a friend from high school and was deeply impacted by the welcome of the people at the church and the families there. After six months of regularly attending and being shown what God can do in a family —  not so much ‘perfecting’ them but giving real grace and peace to each other — Jason became a follower of Jesus. Knowing that college would be difficult to finish if he didn’t get to make stuff regularly, he worked toward and received an art education degree from the University of Texas. Preparing for his teaching certificate, Jason began to recognize his gifts in teaching and in working with children and emerging adults.

Jason met Nina (long “i” when pronouncing it) while working at his church in Austin, and they married shortly after she graduated from Vanderbilt. They moved to St. Louis to attend Covenant Theological Seminary, where Nina worked full time as an administrator. After seminary, Jason took pastoral roles in The Woodlands, TX, Atlanta and St. Louis. In 2011, Jason began to study education theory and human development in the Educational Studies PhD program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, aiming to gather better tools for nurturing the faith development of the church’s young members. 

Jason, Nina and their sons Elliot and Stone live in Stapleton. They enjoy reading, hiking, Lego, and music.


BFA, Visual Art Studies, The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX - 1994)

Masters of Divinity, Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, MO - 2000)

Contact Jason at jason@denverpres.org