Todd Herrington

Todd Herrington

Ruling Elder

Todd is a Denver native who graduated from Broomfield High School and still remembers the wonderful undeveloped rolling hills between Denver Metro and Boulder, CO!  None of his immediate family were Christians with the exception of an aunt who brought him to Church as a teen where he was first exposed to the gospel.  Without a family history of belief in Christ he entered college open to God, but having an anti-Christian bent.  However, God used many people through his 20s to graciously dialogue and patiently witness about Christ and eventually by his late 20’s he was a thoroughly excited, redeemed, and professing believer.

Todd returned to Denver after graduate school in Cincinnati and started a career as an environmental remediation consultant.  Not long after, he met his wife Cheryl at an adult bible study group.  They became engaged quickly, married in 1997, and 4 years later started building a family.

Todd decided to leave environmental remediation and try his hand at running a video production company for over 3 years.  That was an exciting time although not meant to be and he has since transitioned back to environmental remediation as a regional sales manager for a well-established remediation products company.

God and His church have been Todd's great job and Denver Pres is the second church plant he has been involved with.  He loves a good chat about science, faith, or philosophy or any deeper topics and these are best done with friends and a good drink.  While not an extreme enthusiast, he does enjoy skiing and camping here in Colorado, but just as much so exploring new restaurants and venues with friends and family in town.

Todd likes high-end audio and has constructed his own high-end speakers.  He believes that the iPod has killed most high-end audio in the US, but there are still a few like himself out there championing the cause.

Todd lives with his wife Cheryl and his two teenage children in Stapleton.


BS Civil Engineering, Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO - 1990)

MS Environmental Engineering, (Cincinnati, OH - 2003)