"Parenting is a team sport." This is a phrase often repeated at Denver Pres, and for good reason. We want to raise our children to be wise, compassionate, and fair in the way they live their lives. We believe that following Jesus is integral to our children growing in this way. We believe that it takes a church to raise a child who follows Jesus - that they should have developmentally appropriate ways to learn about their faith, that they should have relationships with both peers and adults that encourage their faith, and that they should have a growing sense of their agency in the life of the church and in their skills as students of the Bible and prayer. 




Our goal is to assist parents in raising their children to become lifelong followers of Jesus who are able to relate their faith to every part of life.







Parents are most crucial in the spiritual formation of their children. Children love the things their parents love. If parents are actively engaged in loving Jesus, kids are drawn to that. We help parents actively grow in their own faith and provide support as they seek to be faithful spiritual guides for their children. We focus on providing resources and counsel for marriages, believing that the strength of a child's formation is deeply impacted by the strength of their parents' marriage



The church also has an indispensable role to play in the lives of children. Our approach to the spiritual formation of children is holistic: children grow spiritually through a variety of means, including teaching, relationships, and experiences.  We want children and youth to know that Denver Pres is their church, not just their parents’ church.  Their questions are important and their contributions invaluable. We create casual environments for children and youth to interact with adults, forming friendships of all ages.

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Nursery Care (0-47 months)

Children are a precious gift to our church body, and we provide fun, safe, and loving care for each child. Children are always welcome in the Sunday worship service, but nursery is available for children ages 0-47 months.

Skilled childcare workers serve in our nursery each week. In addition, several Denver Pres members serve on a rotating basis as weekly Nursery Coordinators. The Nursery Coordinator will assisst you with checking in your child.


Sunday School (PreK-3rd Grade)

During the sermon, age-appropriate teaching helps younger children personally understand and apply God's word. We offer the following classes:

  • 3 Year Old Class
  • Pre-K Class
  • Kindergarten Class
  • 1st Grade Class
  • 2nd/3rd Grade Class

Youth Zone (2nd - 5th Grade)

On the first Sunday of each month, 2nd-5th graders gather for a time of fellowship, fun, and Bible study after Sunday Worship. Fourth and fifth graders also meet the third Sunday of the month. The kids engage in meaningful discussion of the sermon, participate in fun community building activities, and enjoy lunch together.

Lower YZ (2nd & 3rd) meets the first Sunday each month.

Upper YZ (4th & 5th) meets the first and third Sunday each month.

Junior & Senior High Youth Groups

Growing faith, growing wisdom, growing together. 6th - 12th Graders gather to discuss the sermon and to gather God’s resources for living well. Youth Group meets on the first and third Sunday of each month.