Faith+Life: Understanding Trauma


In the Denver Pres community we seek to love each other well, being known and being seen, even in dark places. As a result, we deeply care about mental health and healing. Christian Swan, a Denver Pres member and therapist who specializes in trauma, led a seminar on October 17, 2017 and provided education around the effects of trauma on the brain and human development, and implications for soul care.  Participants came away with a greater understanding of what trauma is, how to better serve those affected by it, and how to improve personal health of caregivers.

Faith+Culture: Rethinking Normal

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Denver Presbyterian Church hosted a panel discussion, asking questions like:

  • If we are a post-racial society, why are racial inequality and division so stubbornly persistent?
  • Why are the experiences of white and black Americans so different? 
  • How can you help Denver to become a more racially just and harmonious city?

           We also fielded questions from the audience.

Faith+Culture: Recreational Marijuana

No matter who you talk to, substance abuse is not something normally condoned or endorsed. For this event, we held a conversation with Chris Thurstone, a member of Denver Pres, who is a leading voice at the state, national, and international levels regarding substance abuse and a medical director of one of Colorado's largest youth substance-abuse-treatment clinics, as well as an associate professor of psychiatry at CU Denver. 

 We discussed questions like:

  • How should Christians approach occasional, recreational marijuana usage?
  • What does science say about moderate recreational use?
  • How should we think about the data that exists?
  • How does marijuana impact our bodies and brains?
  • At what level is it safe to use?
  • Is it a safer alternative to alcohol?
  • Are there health benefits?