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Faith+Culture: Housing and Justice

If you’ve been around Denver for more than a few years, you may have noticed that the city is rapidly changing. Have you ever wondered who and what created your neighborhood? Did you know that, for many residents, there is currently a housing crisis, as property costs have grown, while income has not? What does the Bible have to say about land, housing, and cities? Housing issues are inextricably related to education, race, and socioeconomics, and if we don’t understand the history of where we live, it’s difficult to love our neighbors well.

This conversation on November 28, 2017 led by DPC member Meghen Brown provided education to participants about the racial history of Northeast Denver, as well as look at the people and events that have shaped Denver, particularly northeast Denver, over the past 50 years.  The conversation explored how housing policy and market forces have shaped our community, including segregation, discrimination, and gentrification. She also critiqued the two opposite extremes of the “free market” approach and the “social justice” approach to housing, and present a new way of addressing problems: through a more nuanced, hopeful, gospel-informed grid.

Meghan Brown is a Tax Credit Officer at Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) who grew up in the area and has worked with various urban ministries, nonprofits, and local and state governments. Meghan will be co-presenting with her CHFA colleague Kim Martin, First Lady of Zion Temple Church, a NE Denver native, and active with the National Organization for African-Americans in Housing and Metro Denver Fair Housing Task Force.