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Shame Resilience

Shame has recently become a popular topic of conversation in our culture. But why do we talk about shame? What IS it exactly? Shame can be difficult to define. Distinguished from other emotions (like guilt, or embarrassment), shame is the belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with us, at a base identity level. The experience of shame is universal to every human, by virtue of living life in a broken world, and can show up in every life context - friendship, vocation, marriage, work, parenting, sexuality. Shame scrambles the signals in our brain and body in a way that disrupts our thinking and feeling, and this disruption teaches us to isolate ourselves.  A small, but stacked, panel of Denver Pres people in mental health professions (headed up by Nina Walch) guided us through this conversation, giving us vocabulary to process shame, and helping us maintain hope as we move forward on a path of growth and healing.