Tally Flint

Tally Flint

Children's Nurture Coordinator

Tally moved to Denver in 2005 with her husband and then 1-year-old son. Denver saw them welcome three additional children, including surprise identical twins, all while navigating the process of building community from scratch. Denver Pres played an important role in making Denver feel like home, and Tally cherishes the knowledge that she now gets to play a staff role in helping DPC make other families feel like they’re at home too. She understands the super-human effort it can involve to get a family to church in one piece, and the balm a welcoming and safe children’s program can be not only on Sunday mornings, but throughout the parenting journey. Tally pulls from almost 20 years of experience as a writer and editor, the knowledge gained from her M.A. in Organizational Leadership, and the lessons learned from mothering her four highly energetic (but charming!) children to craft a creative and God-honoring approach to her role as Children’s Nurture Coordinator. She lives in Park Hill, with her husband, Ryan, and their children: Thomas, Ella, Jack, and Oliver.


BA in English and Communication, 2000, Azusa Pacific University

MA in Organizational Leadership, 2004, Azusa Pacific University

Contact Tally at tally@denverpres.org