Life together means spending time together. We value creating casual spaces for people to connect, get to know each other, grow in their faith, and have fun.


Every six months, the entire church is encouraged to spend a long weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado, where we worship, discuss, learn, relax, play games and music, and connect with one another. The lodging and surroundings are fantastic and provide a great space for spiritual refreshment. These retreats are some of the most exciting and memorable times in the life of our church and are FREE for first-time participants.

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Retreats typically happen in mid-late April and the second weekend of November.  


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Once a month, we gather at a local bar and enjoy food and drinks together, with no agenda except to hang out! 


We throw lots of parties throughout the year - a Death By Chocolate event, a Coffeehouse, as well as many other one-off events to let loose and have fun together.




Once a month during the summer, we have potluck lunches outside after church on Sundays. These are laid-back, family-friendly, and a casual way to get know people better in an informal setting.