For the 4th year in a row, Denver Pres sent a short-term missions team to work with our partner, Presbyterian Church in Senegal. Stephen worked on the enrichment team with the Senegalese students and Kristi worked with the Senegalese educators, sharing best practices and collaborating. Here are their stories from the trip!

Frank Anello, Founder and Executive Director of Project Worthmore, shared about the organization's growth over the last year and the impact Denver Pres’ partnership has made. Project Worthmore provides programs that foster community, self-sufficiency, and increase quality of life among Denver-area refugees. Denver Pres has been partnering with Project Worthmore for three years by providing funding and volunteers for their evening English classes two nights a week. We also support year-round efforts like coat and supply drives as well as co-hosting a community event in the summer.

Nicole and Elizabeth, both teachers, traveled to Senegal to explore a partnership with West African Reformed Mission and their educational efforts.

“In visiting the schools and talking with the teachers, we witnessed and heard about the many challenges the teachers face, including lack of resources and finances, poor classroom conditions, and many more. However, as we listened and acknowledged that these situations must be very challenging and discouraging for them, the teachers all replied, 'Of course it’s hard, but we’re here because we love the children.' As an educator who faces many similar challenges, though in different ways here in America, I found this to be extremely inspiring.” 

- Elizabeth





Cindy and Flo share about the missions trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the Ethiopia ACT project.

"...At the end of many visits [to the poorest people] you would hear, 'It’s your prayer that does more, doctor, than your care. Thank you for your prayer.' So if that doesn’t help break you out of your self-reliance, I don’t know what would.”   - Cindy





Andrew on his experience in the Denver Pres community.


“The thing that has impacted me the most is the way the church community has caught me up into these life-giving activities and relationships alongside the information that’s being presented.” 



John & Laura on serving the residents of Higgins Plaza alongside their community group.

"How cool would it be if our community group were known in our little neighborhood first and foremost for being sources of compassion, care, and hope - that we were people who took the time in the middle of our little rat race to perceive the areas of brokenness and actually move out towards people.”

- John

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Mike Dinneen on his experience being involved in the community at Denver Presbyterian.

“I think I became a Christian here at Denver Pres. I have this relationship I’ve never had with God before. This church has taught me that we all have our issues and that we’re all super wounded and we’re all getting through this together"

Josh Messer on 25 In Change –  25 days of communities together to end global hunger and obesity.

“The scriptures call God’s people to care for and advocate for the marginalized all the time...We are only going to eat a meal when a $25 donation is made to provide 100 of those same meals to children through the world food program. So we’ve said if the children don’t eat, we won’t eat. If there’s no donation to cover a meal, then we’ll skip that meal.”


Eve Sneed & Erin Frank on working together with a refugee family from Central African Republic.



"I’m overwhelmed by the complexity of their need. By what they must have been through on the other side of the world. I’m overwhelmed by the coldness I feel to this deep hole of need. But I know that this is God’s thing and that only he can handle cold hearts and deep holes.” 




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“I think we’ve learned a lot about our day-to-day privileges… understanding that [the refugees] are our neighbors and also appreciating what we’re coming from and helping us to be a little bit more grateful.”

- Erin


At Denver Pres we love to celebrate and cultivate the ways that God is working in the lives of those in our community. The Christian life is rich with possibility and hope, even as we walk through times of trial, struggle, or confusion. These stories of individuals at Denver Pres reflect the profound, mysterious work of Jesus in areas such as the workplace, serving others, and in relationships. 



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