The gospel (‘good news’) of Jesus reveals that the loving God who made everyone and everything never gives up on anyone or anything. Because of Jesus, the future of humanity and the world is glorious. And everyone is invited to participate free of charge.


Because all people are made in God’s image, we are passionate to see human dignity honored, celebrated and restored.


At the core of the mystery of God we find an eternal community: Father, Son and Spirit. As those made in God’s image, people are made for relationship with God and with one another. Authentic Christian community bears powerful witness to the reconciling work of Christ in the world, and is the means by which we grow in our love for God and neighbor.

Truth-seekers value honest and humble engagement about significant questions of faith and life over striving to prove that we are ‘right’. As a result, truth-seekers are free to listen to those who do not share our beliefs, and are never content with superficial answers about God, His world, others and ourselves.


God delights in people and in the world that He has made, and in the glorious future he intends for both. Likewise, God wants us to fall in love with His vision for the world and for humanity - not merely to be filled with right ideas about them.